Dinky it consultancy provides solutions and expertise on microsoft network,network infrastructure and general hardware and software sales of leading vendor solutions?

With the advent of wireless technology Dinky it consultancy sees this technology  major growth for the company and has technically position itself  in forefront of this emerging technology enabling  the company to implement and maintain these installations

Dinky IT Consultancy is a partner with accountants firm that is passionate about supporting and helping SMEs grow. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business, your own personal Finance Team. With a can-do attitude, we are driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and determination to succeed.

 Over time we have built strong relationships with our clients and developed our products with their direct needs in mind. This has resulted in a highly valuable and more detailed service in the provision of management information and financial planning and control.

The company has developed from originally concentrating on a bureau processing service to developing a more detailed service and the provision of management information and financial planning and control.

The company is now managed and driven by its Directors. All clients of Dinky IT Consultancy and partners consistent and exceptional support and help from our qualified staff across all departments. We ensure the highest standards and controls are met at all times by constantly reviewing our service and aligning it with the changing needs of our clients.

You will find our team to be loyal and personable professionals, who are genuinely interested and enthusiastic about growing your business.


An accounting officer oversees financial transactions both internal and external for his/her employer. These professionals perform many financial duties that require attention to detail, excellent communication skills and a keen eye for resource allocation. A business with a competent accounting officer will run more efficiently thanks to his ability to budget effectively and manage staff spending.

Analyse Account Records

Accounting officers are charged with analysing fiscal activities, transactions and financial records of the business entity employing them to ensure that all regulations and laws are being adhered to. This includes tracking spending records for any evidence of impropriety among employees in the use of flex accounts and reimbursable purchases incurred during travel and other business-related activities. The accounting officer can also identify areas in which the company could cut costs by reducing spending in certain areas by showing patterns in the allocation of financial resources.

Review Financial Documents

Purchase orders, vouchers and invoices are reviewed by the accounting officer to ensure accuracy in payment amounts for reimbursements, and that correct amounts have been released for company purchases. The accounting officer serves as the final checks and balances for all use of company funds and is ultimately accountable for any misappropriation.

Prepare Budget

As the accounting officer tracks spending records, he is also responsible for planning subsequent departmental budgets based on past spending patterns and any new proposals that may create more efficient use of available company funds.

Accounts payable officers are vital to the efforts toward company cost control.

Accounts payable (AP) officers represent the tail end of the process for outgoing financial transactions. After services have been rendered for the company, the payment requests are funneled through these officers to be processed and resolved. The competency of a company's AP officers in monitoring payments, identifying financial inaccuracies and awareness of potential policy abuse indicates the strength of the company's financial control over its expenses.


Accounts payable typically receives all outgoing financial transactions from an employee level to a company-wide level. The AP department receives invoices from the different suppliers and other third party organizations for their services. The accounts payable officer must ensure that all the required information is present prior to processing the order; this includes the legal name of the payee entity, address, tax information and nature of the transaction.


While there are various ways to process costs, using purchase orders is considered as good business practice among accounts payable divisions. According to the Accounts Payable Network, having a standard PO "provides control over the purchases of goods and services" and "approves the commitment of a purchase by authorized employees". PO forms are generally constructed to be easily referenced in the future for auditing and analysis purposes. For example, the PO form usually contains the exact, all-inclusive amount charged to the company for a specific project. Project or job numbers are also listed in this form, which directly corresponds to requests within other company divisions such as manufacturing or sales.


Accounts payable officers may also conduct an audit of division or employee spending from time to time. The first line of audits usually happens when the invoice is received with the approval of a manager. The officer has to judge whether the money spent is truly business-related. For example, some travel expenses such as food and lodging are usually covered within company policy while entertainment expenses while traveling, such as movie and pay-per-view shows, are not. More comprehensive auditing includes analysing corporate credit card accounts for suspicious activity. Frequent withdrawals, unlisted expenses and personal items are typical red flags for corporate credit cards.


After processing and conducting any necessary analysis of all payments, accounts payable officers resolve the outstanding balances on approved PO's. Freelancer Officer’s lists common resolution responsibilities including reconciling payments, updating vendor files and assisting in the accounting department's monthly or annual end closing. Some AP departments may also produce monthly reports of each division's spending for managerial review. In the case of company spending violations, accounts payable officers typically work with human resources and legal departments to address the offense.


Accounting department

Key Benefits

  • Process all sales invoices
  • Capture and process all purchase invoices
  • Reconcile bank accounts and other balance sheet accounts
  • Process and submit all SARS related taxes such as PAYE, VAT, etc.
  • Prepare monthly or weekly management accounts
  • Take care of all financial and administrative tasks normally done by an in-house accounting department


• Timely and useful management  reporting

• Compliance with SARS and CIPRO requirements

•You can concentrate on building your business and not on admin

•A professionals work done by professionals

•No more accounting staff hiring headaches

Why we are different:

How it works

•All financial information processed within 24 hours from receipt

•Service Level Agreement guarantees delivery dates

•Rigorous hiring process to obtain quality staff with Chartered Accountants responsible for all work

•24/7/365 access to your books over the internet

No service fee fluctuations, fixed monthly amount

Client scans (or our drivers collect the documents daily/weekly) all financial documents such as invoices, client statements, etc. to our server, our eFax, or email address

On a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually and annually, our Accounting Department will deliver the following










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